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I am currently seeking representation in Scandinavia, Europe and the US.



I was born in a small town near Gothenburg, Sweden. Early on I moved to Stockholm to pursuit a career in the film & TV industry. After studies in filmmaking and advertising, I began, as a 19 year old to work as a producer for an international production company.  After making a successful carreer as marketing manager for several international companies, I started to pursuit my passion for acting. During 2018 I completed my studies of Screen Acting at Prague Film School.

Today I work as an actress and model for film, TV and commercial alongside running my own location independent business together with my husband. I am currently working with a feature film, “Drömmar om Las Vegas”, where I have a leading role, aswell as Amazon Prime series “From Beyond”. My trained english accent is American Standard. I have acted in both shorts and commercials as well as some extra assignments in TV-series for the love of being on set. I also run a production company, with several projects in the making, including European collaborations. The world is my playground. I speak Swedish, Danish, English and a bit of French and German.


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