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Daisy Kosmider I am Daisy Kosmider, a Swedish international actress, based in Prague, Czech Republic.

After taking various acting courses and workshops with a focus on method acting, I completed my studies with honors of Screen Acting at the Prague Film School along with running my own location-independent business.

My recent work includes the Swedish feature film, “Drömmar om Las Vegas” that will be released 2020. I have also appeared in Scandinavian TV- series like Greyzone(2018), and The Bridge (2018), as well as the Danish TV-series Kriger(2019) and feature film Hacker (2019). In 2019 I was 4x awarded “best actress” and “best supporting actress”.

I speak Swedish, Danish, and English. My trained English accents are American Standard and British RP. I also speak some German and French.

Management representation: Magda Fuskova, GAT Management.

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