Film & Television

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Acting age:  35-45 (f. 1973)   Height: 5,57ft (170cm)
Hair:        Honey blonde      Eyes:   Blue & green
Nationality: Swedish           
Drivers licence: Yes                    
Languages:   Swedish (native), English (American standard, British RP),
             Danish (good), French (medium) German (medium)
Skills: Go-cart racing, motorcycle, firearms, Scuba diver (CMAS), 
master most forms of equestrian sports, Singing (mezzosoprano), Junior gymnast, Ju-jutsu, 
synchronized swimming, skiing, photography.
Worked with leadership, marketing and development for several years.

Industry experience

Production             Employer              Role              Period
Feature film
Drömmar om Las Vegas   Indigofilm            Frida             2018
1% Den inre rösten     Vilje Produktion      Woman in bar      2017 
Hacker                 Toolbox Film          DK Soldier (cont.)2017

Short films 
Utitled                Shobhit Bhatia        Jess              2018
First taste            A. Violetto/K.P.Eng   Isadora           2018
The Necromancer        Jarno L. Vincensius   Hilda             2018
Alone in the Dark      Jarno L. Vincensius   Julia             2018   
Building a SwimmingP.. Simon Broström        Sonya             2018 
Chocholate             Oliver Pilemand       Helena            2018
A Roseseller in Prague Rajdeep Dhanuka       Tereza (40 & 50)  2018
Kids                   Flavia de Strasser    Nosy Neighbor     2018
Just Decapitate me     Nicholas Mundell      Mrs. Andersson    2018
Mojo Dojo              Broncaccio Cozzo      Caroline          2018 
Voice Land             Samuel Rinkacs        Mother (ENG)      2018
Last Call              Andrew Jonas          Cindy (ENG)       2018
Transition             Karin Torbjörnsdottir Beatrice (DE)     2018
FRIA                   Jörfjord/Brandhild    GAIA              2017 
Light colored shadows  Broun Visuals         Patricia (ENG)    2017 
World Peace-and then?  Nick Bruhn-Petersen   Anne (ENG)        2017 
Högljutt               Sabina Kulic          Cecilia           2017 
Prøven                 Alex Hein             Jury member       2017 
The last meeting       Vitor Moreira         Daisy (ENG)       2017 
Avstånd                Julia Freiman         Emma              2016 
A simple interview?    Vitor Moreira         Stewardess(ENG) 2016 
I'm already here       Screaming Pizza       Bella (ENG)       2016 
Ja må hon leva         Eldina Sulemanji      Doctor            2016 
Kriger                 Miso Film DK          Police(cont.)     2017
Greyzone               Cosmo Film DK         Säpo              2017

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Education and training
School                              Description                      Period
Prague Film School                  Acting for film program          2018
C3L                                 Filmaking & Media                1992-93

Shorter courses and ongoing regular
Archetype development               ActingHorse/David Stejskal       2018
Accent Am. English                  Private training Jason Stone     2018
Re-Focus Acting                     Coaching by Tony Grahn           2017
Södra Community                     Acting for Camera in English II  2017
Filmcenter Syd                      Acting for Camera in English     2016
M-A-F                               Method Acting                    2016
EO                                  Intermediate Criminology         2014

Tristan Aronovich                                                    2018
Francisco Javier Medina                                              2018

Skills training
Combat / stage fight   Workshop     ARGO/ Petr Nusek                 2018
Firearms for actors    Train.&tact. Dan Bradford                     2018
Ballet                 Workshop     Anatoliy Ivanov/WAB              2017
Go-cart racing         Private      Semi-professional level          2014
Firearms               Private      Training                         2013
CMAS Scuba diving      License      Diving License                   2012
Equestrian             Higher ed.   Instructor level                 1990-91